New Cloud-Native DMS Brings Opps for Fewer Clicks and More Flexible Work

With more than 45 lawyers and 100 years of experience, Ruder Ware guides business owners and individuals through intricate legal issues around the world. To better enable their lawyers and better serve clients, the firm has shifted away from on-premises tools and is moving forward with a cloud-first approach.

“We wanted a provider that was well-established as being cloud-first, not one making the transition to the cloud or a cloud that was really a hosted solution.” – Nicholas Leininger, IT Operations Director at Ruder Ware

In this case study, Nicholas shares more about the firm’s journey from the on-premises Worldox document management system (DMS) to the NetDocuments cloud-native DMS, including:

  • Why they were looking for a new DMS
  • Evaluation criteria used during their selection process
  • What users already like about NetDocuments

Beyond the cloud offering, find out what else the firm considered.

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NetDocuments Ruder Ware case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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